DPMB, a.s., initiates card payment in public transport vehicles



Passengers in Brno will end up worrying about buying a one-time ticket. From 1 July, the Brno City Transport Company is launching the second wave of electronic passenger check-in, thanks to which those interested can purchase a ticket directly in the car without contact.

The basic principle of the whole system is simplicity. All you have to do is attach the card to the validator after boarding. The system automatically calculates an hourly ticket for CZK 25. Only if the passenger is interested in a ticket for 15 minutes, he will beep at the exit. At the end of the day, the system evaluates and selects the most advantageous variant for the passenger. It is possible to select another ticket via the display on the marker. The sale of paper tickets remains the same.

Detailed information on the operation of the entire system can be found on the website here.