Changes and events to the public transport system


Three years ago, Dopravní podnik Brno organized an event that will not be forgotten. This year it will be even more spectacular, because the DPMB is no longer alone in this — all Brno city societies participate in the organization of the festival and all of them want to show you off.

Therefore, you can expect not only a cultural, sports and gastronomic program, but also a presentation of individual city companies and a joint exhibition of their technology, to which each of the city companies will send the most interesting vehicles that you can see on the streets of Brno. From trams to forestry tractors, from garbage trucks to tankers, from snow plows to high-lift platforms.

Just like three years ago, we have prepared a competition for the skills of tram drivers, which will be attended by tram drivers from all cities with tram traffic in the Czech Republic.

And in the evening you can look forward to two concerts: first by the singer David Elis and then by the band Portless (successor of the legendary Support Lesbiens)

Throughout the day, the festival will be accompanied by a rich accompanying program of Brno municipal companies, non-profit organizations of the city of Brno and local businesses.

The street food section of the festival will offer your hungry stomachs the delicacies of local and exotic cuisine and will not let you suffer from thirst either.


  • 3. September 2022, 13:00-21:00
  • Where?

  • Lidická Street and Lužánky Park
  • Festival program:

  • 12:00 Start of accompanying program
  • 13:00 Festive opening of the festival
  • 13:30 Joint parade of cars of city companies
  • 15:30 Competition of skills of tram drivers
  • 17:00 Concert Sebastián
  • 18:30 Announcement of the results of the drivers' competition
  • 20:00 Concert Portless



    Conditions for free travel for refugees

    Refugees from Ukraine have the right to free travel in public transport

    20 trolejbusů pro Brno

    Cestující v Brně se můžou svézt dvaceti novými trolejbusy Škoda 21Tr. Dopravní podnik města Brna tak přikročil k velké obnově vozového parku trolejbusů. V příštím roce přikoupí dalších 20 stejného typu.

    Trolejbusy Škoda 27Tr jsou čtyřdveřové kloubové vozy o délce 18 metrů, z nichž každý pojme více než 120 osob. Cestující se můžou těšit na komfortní svezení v klimatizovaném a plně nízkopodlažním interiéru vybaveném pohodlnými, částečně čalouněnými sedadly, USB nabíječkami a informačním systémem s LCD monitory.

    Nejčastěji budou nasazovány na páteřních linkách 25, 26 a 37.

    Nové vozy v provozu nahradí trolejbusy typu 15Tr, 22Tr, 25Tr, ale i 14Tr a 21Tr. Některé z nich v Brně jezdí od 80. a 90. let a jsou na hranici své životnosti.

    Brno je největším provozovatelem trolejbusové dopravy v Česku. První trolejbusy zde do ulic vyjely v roce 1949. Dnes ulicemi města jezdí na 12 linkách téměř 140 trolejbusů.

    New buses have arrived to Brno

    First eight of the total twenty new Solaris Urbino 18 IV articulated buses have begun to operate on regular lines in Brno. DPMB is upgrading its rolling stock this year with purchase of these new vehicles, which are equipped with onboard air-conditioning of their spacious interior.

    Among many advantages, there are USB charging ports, RISII communication system or wide LCD monitors, just to name a few. The seats are made of plastic, but have fabric coated cushions to prevent slipping and to provide comfort in cold conditions.

    The remaining twelve buses will arrive to Brno during the month of July and have costed DPMB cz? 147 million (not including VAT) in total.

    During the summer, another batch of twenty new SOR NS 12 rigid buses will arrive.


    Bus and coach hire

    DPMB has prepared a new website, which contains all the necessary information about our bus and coach hiring service.