Changes and events to the public transport system

Emergency restrictions of public transport service!

Overview of all restrictions affecting the public transport service in Brno (in Czech).

The Masked Dragon

DPMB presents a unique documentary about the public transport service during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

We are sincerely grateful to all DPMB employees for their work and determination and to our passengers for their support and cooperation!



New buses have arrived to Brno

First eight of the total twenty new Solaris Urbino 18 IV articulated buses have begun to operate on regular lines in Brno. DPMB is upgrading its rolling stock this year with purchase of these new vehicles, which are equipped with onboard air-conditioning of their spacious interior.

Among many advantages, there are USB charging ports, RISII communication system or wide LCD monitors, just to name a few. The seats are made of plastic, but have fabric coated cushions to prevent slipping and to provide comfort in cold conditions.

The remaining twelve buses will arrive to Brno during the month of July and have costed DPMB cz? 147 million (not including VAT) in total.

During the summer, another batch of twenty new SOR NS 12 rigid buses will arrive.


Tram to the Campus

DPMB has prepared a new website, which follows the progress on the new tram track being built to the university campus. (Czech only)

Bus and coach hire

DPMB has prepared a new website, which contains all the necessary information about our bus and coach hiring service.

How to get an electronic ticket

Instruction manual for obtaining the electronic ticket


Bonus program for our loyal passengers

DPMB offers a bonus program for users of the electronic tickets!

DPMB offers a bonus program for users of the electronic tickets! For every ticket inspection, each passenger earns bonus points, which can be used for annulation of smaller fines or for winning our ticket lottery.

The points are assigned automatically as a reward for a ticket inspection to all passengers who use the electronic ticket. For every three months, during which the passenger was inspected at least one by our inspectors, they earn 10 points (points have been assigned to all customers retroactively for inspections done before the program started).

These points can be used in the BRNOiD e-shop to lower or completely annulate the basic cz? 50 fine (fine for a forgotten long-term ticket, fine for an inactive card etc.). Each passenger can collect up to 50 points, any excess points beyond this limit are transferred into our lottery in which three passengers every half a year are awarded a free yearly ticket.

The DPMB ticket e-shop!

You can now purchase the long-term tickets and passes online in our e-shop!