Mobile phone tickets

SMS tickets

An SMS ticket is a ticket purchased via a mobile phone. It’s simple – you send us a text message, we send you one back. SMS ticket must be purchased in advance. The passenger is obliged to board the vehicle only after having received the ticket. Failure to do so could result in a fine. You can choose from the following ticket types:

Zones Price Validity Text message Telephone number
100+101 20 CZK 20 minutes BRNO20 90206
100+101 29 CZK 75 minutes BRNO  90206
100+101 99 CZK 24 hours BRNOD 90206

*You have the right to make a complaint about an undelivered SMS ticket. SMS tickets are valid on trams, trolleybuses and buses, but cannot be used on trains. To purchase them, you must activate the Premium SMS service with your mobile operator and have a Czech SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order the SMS ticket?

  • For a ticket for 20 CZK with a validity of 20 minutes, write BRNO20 in the text message.
  • For a ticket for 29 CZK with a validity of 75 minutes, write BRNO in the text message.
  • For a ticket for 99 CZK with a validity of 24 hours, write BRNOD in the text message.


Send the text to the phone number 90206. You will receive the SMS ticket within two minutes.

What does the SMS ticket look like?

The text of the ticket received on your mobile phone includes the name of the operator, the type and price of the ticket, the validity period, the HASH code, the SMS ticket control code and a notification. The SMS ticket will therefore be in the following form: DPMB, a.s., transfer ticket 29 CZK, valid in zones 100 + 101, excluding the train. Validity: from 25.11.2022 15:00 to: 25.11.2022 16:15, JZeCojhb/951970.

What are the rules for boarding the vehicle with the SMS ticket?

You can only board the vehicle with a valid SMS ticket. If you don't receive your ticket before the arrival of the bus/trolleybus/tram, you must obtain another travel document. Otherwise, you may be fined for travelling without a valid ticket. If the SMS ticket does not arrive, you have the right to file a complaint.

What if the ticket does not arrive? How to file a complaint?

If you send a text message requesting an SMS ticket and it does not arrive, please file a complaint. It is advised to do this immediately, as you must file a complaint within two months or your right to complain will be lost.

Complaint protocol

How do I get a tax receipt for my SMS ticket?

We will issue you a proof of payment for the SMS ticket on this portal within 3 months from the date of purchase of the ticket.

SMS jízdenka – zajímavost

Did you know that SMS tickets have been available in Brno for quite a few years? The first passengers could purchase them back in autumn 2013.

DPMBinfo application

Another way to quickly purchase a single e-ticket is via the DPMBinfo mobile app. The app is available for Android (on Google Play) and iOS (on the​​​​​​​ App Store) and is completely free. Information is available in Czech and English. Internet connection is required for full functionality. 

Zones Price Validity Method of payment
100+101 (transfer, excl. train) 19 CZK 20 minutes Payment card
100+101 (transfer, excl. train) 24 CZK 40 minutes Payment card
100+101 (transfer, excl. train) 29 CZK 75 minutes Payment card
100+101 (transfer, excl. train) 99 CZK 24 hours Payment card
100+101 (transfer, for children under 15, excl. train) 12 CZK 40 minutes Payment card

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the DPMBinfo app?

The DPMBinfo app is available for iOS and Android devices. It can therefore be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). 

How do I buy a ticket via the DPMBinfo app?

If you have already downloaded and installed the DPMBinfo app, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the DPMBinfo app and press the Tickets button.
  2. If you don't currently have any other e-tickets purchased, you will see a list of tickets that you can buy through the app. Choose a ticket you need and select below the table whether you want to pay with a saved card or enter a new payment card. If you choose to pay with a stored credit card, the payment will be deducted immediately. 
  3. If you select Use New Card, the app will redirect you to a payment gateway where you can enter your payment details. The payment is deducted from the card and the ticket is purchased. 
  4. When you look in the Tickets section immediately afterwards, you will see that your ticket has been purchased and is loading. It usually takes a few seconds to load, during which time the ticket will be displayed in a red box. Do not board the vehicle until the ticket has loaded. It is not valid until it is loaded. 
  5. You can see that your ticket is valid when it turns blue in the Tickets section. You can now travel for the duration of your ticket’s validity without any worries.


Nákup jízdenky skrz DPMBinfo – 1. částNákup jízdenky skrz DPMBinfo – 2. část


What else can the DPMBinfo app do?

SEJF application

The SEJF app allows you to buy, pay and transfer money via your mobile phone. The app is available for free for iOS (on the App Store) and Android (on Play Store).  It’s free to download to your phone and you can also pair your payment card with it. Tickets can be purchased with just three taps. 

Zones Price Validity
100+101 (excl. train) 12 CZK* 40 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 19 CZK 20 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 24 CZK 40 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 29 CZK 75 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 99 CZK 24 hours

*Discounted ticket A (persons under 15) 

DoKapsy application

You can also download the DoKapsy application from ČSOB to your mobile phone and use it to pay for parking, public transport tickets or refuelling. If you have an account with ČSOB or Poštovní spořitelna, the app also offers an overview of payment cards and the virtual assistant Kate. The app is available for iOS (on the  App Store) and Android (on Play Store).

Zones Price Validity
100+101 (excl. train) 12 CZK* 40 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 19 CZK 20 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 24 CZK 40 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 29 CZK 75 minutes
100+101 (excl. train) 99 CZK 24 hours

*Discounted ticket A (persons under 15)