Ticket inspections and fines

Passenger’s Rights and Obligations

The passenger is obliged to have a valid ticket or pass for the entire time of transport from the boarding to the moment of leaving the vehicle.

Tickets can be purchased with a payment card upon boarding via Beep & Go!

The passenger must validate a paper ticket immediately after boarding the vehicle and check that the printed information is correct. Any problems with the printed information must be reported to the driver.

If using an SMS ticket, the passenger must enter the vehicle only after having received the ticket. If the ticket fails to be delivered, the passenger must get another ticket or pass. Failure to do so could result in a fine.

Inspection of transport documents in public transport vehicles in accordance with Act No. 266/1994 Coll., on Rails Systems, as amended, is carried out by uniformed transport service staff or authorised persons of the transport company carrying an inspection badge. 

Our staff are prepared to produce an inspection ID card on request; the number of the ID card must be the same as the inspection badge number.

Inspector’s Rights and Obligations

Uniformed transport service staff or persons authorised by the transport company are legally entitled to:

1) give instructions to passengers to ensure the safety and smooth flow of transport;

2) check whether passengers fulfil the Terms & Conditions of Carriage;

3) impose the payment of the fare and fare surcharge on a passenger who violates the Terms & Conditions of Carriage or fails to present a valid ticket or pass for inspection;

4) in the event that the passenger does not pay the fare surcharge and the fare in cash on the spot, require the passenger to prove their identity with a document issued by the competent administrative authority (Section 18a(2) of the Rails System Act, Section 37 of the Road Transport Act);

5) in the event that the passenger does not present their identity document, ask the passenger to remain on the spot until the police arrive, with which the passenger is obliged to comply;

6) exclude persons who do not comply with the provisions of the Terms & Conditions of Carriage and persons who transport prohibited items in the vehicle from the transport;

7) take appropriate action pursuant to Section 14 of Act No. 89/2012, Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, against a passenger who refuses to pay the imposed fare and fare surcharge, refuses to provide proof of identity or refuses to leave the vehicle after being excluded from transport.